The energy consumption of our homes increasingly can increase our electricity bills becoming an expense as much of that consumption goes to waste. In the last 15 years the increase in the price of energy has called us to worry and to reduce the energy consumption in our homes.

This is to safeguard our economy and our environment. Many of us are very strict in the use of energy in our homes so that it does not become a financial problem when receiving our electricity bills. Therefore, we make schedules and times of use of electrical appliances, we establish the number of times of daily load of our mobile devices, among other rules that help reduce energy consumption.

However, these rules do not cover all aspects and sometimes we forget the consumer recommendations. Many of our appliances need to be turned on for a long time to perform their functions. In most households, more than 40% of the electricity consumed goes to waste despite having been strict in energy consumption.

That is a reason that discourages us to reduce the use of electricity and, therefore, increases the environmental impact. Therefore, it is important to quantify our use of resources with the aim of reducing waste, as reducing waste saves money and provides a significant reduction in the impact of our homes on the environment.

Potential Labs is a small company that has created a device that promises to help us reduce our electricity bills and reduce the environmental impact of our homes through real-time feedback, expense targets and usage alerts. The creators of this device have named it “Glow” and claim that it is the most beautiful way in the world to see the energy.


Glow is the first intelligent home energy tracker in the world environment that anyone can install. It was created by a team of designers, scientists and engineers in Athens, Ohio. The sensor in this gadget uses magneto-resistive forward detection technology to wirelessly measure electricity consumption in our home. Glow sends that information to an elegant design unit that changes color so we can “see” the energy consumption of our home.

The Glow application reveals the energy use of our home when we are out. It sends us notifications that warn us of the abnormal use of energy so that we can take action immediately and avoid unexpected surprises in the electricity bill.

Available in charcoal or linen with a standard soft-touch or limited edition hardwood base

Glow is easy, fast and secure to install and configure, the whole process takes about 10 minutes. It has a smart energy indicator with a soft LED light that changes color according to our energy consumption and automatically dims at night. The entire Glow system uses less energy than a single LED bulb. Its compatible mobile application for iOS and Android allows us to control the use of electricity from our home from anywhere, receive notifications about the abnormal use of energy so we can investigate about it.

It allows us to set goals for how much we want to spend and helps us stay on that path. You can also estimate the cost of energy for our next bill based on recent usage. Currently, the company works on Smart Home integrations to unlock new features.


Glow follows the energy use of our home using a wireless sensor that plugs into the outside of the utility meter box, and the home unit that plugs into the wall. The sensor measures the electricity that flows into our home, and the unit in the home sends that information to the Glow application on your cell phone.

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Gadgets are devices created to facilitate, provide comfort and tranquility helping us to perform our daily activities whether at home, at work or anywhere. The functionalities of these devices depend on the purpose for which they were created and towards which people are directed.

In the world of mobile devices such as laptops, cell phones, tablets, among others, gadgets are helpful because of its practicality of use, ease of understanding and its features. We have been taken out of trouble when we want to load our devices, move them anywhere safely, etc.

One of these gadgets has seemed very interesting for its functionality, practicality and ease. It is a bag to carry all our mobile devices and charge them. In addition, we can carry our personal documents among others. This useful and safe bag was created by the Moovy Company.

The Moovy Bag is a fusion of the professionalism of a briefcase and the functionality of an excellent messenger bag to power our mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It consists of built-in charging solutions, one is magnetic charge and the other is the retractable USB-C cable for charging the notebook hub. It has a thinner and lighter flexible solar panel capable of absorbing strong light; That is, in 1 hour you could charge 50% of an iPhone. In addition, it has a Powerbank of 25000 mAh with Smart IC of auto-load fast, Qualcomm QC 3.0 and Power Delivery 3.0 incorporated.

It is a wireless sharing device as it has extra storage via the Micro SD card and can share the content via USB-C Hub or through the mobile application available for iOS and Android. It has a smart organizational function, has built-in back and quick access pockets for passport, wallet, retractable keyring and travel transport card. In addition, it has 4 different modes of transport (Shoulder, messenger, carry, backpack).

Their magnetic screws allow us to safely and efficiently open and close their compartments. It has a functional interior and an anti-shake board, and a high density foam to protect our devices against bumps and bruises. Its materials are of high quality, it is made of fine Italian leather, anti-scratch and water resistant, and has zippers and stainless steel loops.


Power your Cellphone


The-Moovy-Bag-cellphone The-Moovy-Bag-cell1. Insert the tip into your cell phone (Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C).

2. Slide your mobile phone into the front pocket.

3. The cable is instantly connected to the mobile phone through magnets.


Power your Tablet


1. Select the appropriate connector for your tablet (Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C).

2. Insert the tablet into the tablet.

3. Slide the board into the Moovy Bag. The board instantly attaches to the Moovy battery through magnets and their tablet charges.


Power your Laptop USB-C inside your Moovy Bag or on your desk



1. Insert your laptop into its compartment and connect it to the USB-C cable.

2. You can also power your laptop on your desktop through the retractable USB-C cable.


Moovy Memory all-in-one: Hub, External battery and Wi-Fi extra storage



1. Insert the Moovy Go on your board.

2. Connect your accessories to Moovy Go USB ports.

3. Slide the board into Moovy Bag. The board is instantly connected to the Moovy battery via magnets.



Moovy Memory, external battery for your cellphone and portable Wi-Fi storage



Take your Moovy Go anywhere.

Turn on the Wi-Fi on your Moovy Go and free up space on your devices.

Share content with your friends and colleagues.

You can store, access, transmit and share video, music, photos and files wirelessly and without an Internet connection.



4 ways to juice the Moovy battery



Moovy Solar, the most powerful flexible solar panel

You only need to expose the Moovy Bag to sunlight.

The Moovy Solar absorbs light in the wider spectral range meaning it can capture light over a longer period of time, especially when sunlight may be limited.

Stable power generation.


The development of autonomous and intelligent robots is becoming more advanced and continues to evolve. These devices become increasingly functional in many environments and even very dear in the family environment. One of the robots that has managed to catch our attention has been called Aido.

Aido is described as the next generation social family robot. Aido is intelligent and interactive, and is the first social robot that can move around our homes or offices to help us improve our way of life. The creators of this robot promise that he can play with his children, help us with household chores, manage our schedule, and keep our home connected and safe.


Aido’s omni-directional ball allows you to balance and maneuver around furniture, and other minor obstacles in our home. In addition, it allows you to navigate in complex spaces without turning around. Its functionalities give it the qualities of a coach, an assistant, a homeowner, a hand man, a teacher and a friend.

He is a coach because we immerse ourselves in our favorite movies and games with the interactive projector and speakers. An assistant as he picks up the latest recipes, reschedules a meeting or simply dims the lights when we relax just by asking. A homeowner because he keeps our home safe with patrol mode and keeps our home healthy by using his various sensors.

He is a handy man since Aido can quickly transmit useful videos on a nearby wall to fix the dripping faucet, or any faulty unit. A teacher thanks to Aido’s sound effects, graphics and movements make it an interactive learning experience. And a friend since Aido recognizes each member of his household, and fits the individual preferences.


This social robot weighs 8 kg and is less than 1 meter tall. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 5 external USB ports and ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi and BLE protocols. In addition, it supports more than 1000 connected devices. It also has 2 DLP LED projectors, one is mounted on the head (320×240) and the other is mounted on the body (640×480). It has a touch screen of 7 “(800×400), operating systems Android and Linux, and 4 cameras with different qualities.

Aido has a unique visual manager that allows you to create activity sets during the days of the week, or your vacation time, including environmental monitoring and patrols. He comes with pre-loaded software for family health, cooking, house keeping and more. Aido is the new generation of intelligent social robots that will become a member of our family.


The games of last generation have caught our attention thanks to its great quality of visualization and its entertaining theme. Many of these games cause us sensations in which we feel direct protagonists. Therefore, the big companies in the area of ​​video games have tried to improve the quality of their consoles and the details that make these sensations possible.

Although the advances have managed to make us feel inside the game in a certain way, they still keep us in front of a screen. However, the US company New Delhi has launched worldwide a portable platform called SuperSuit which was created from the idea of ​​incorporating gesture control technology with outdoor games.

SuperSuit is the world’s first portable platform that brings games to real life. It promises to stop feeling inside the game through a screen to recover the feeling of playing outdoors and with the games that we like. It consists of two units: a vest and a glove. It has an advanced ENGaGE gesture engine that translates our hand gestures into incredible Superpowers triggering shockwaves, generating force fields and many more functionalities.


We can use it anywhere because you do not need a phone, computer, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it connects to each other through Zi-Fi. Its rechargeable lithium battery assures long hours of entertainment without interruptions. We only need to charge it twice a week through a standard micro USB port to enjoy it for 7 days.

SuperSuit comes with 15 preloaded games, but we can download more games through the SuperSuit application. In addition, this application shows us details of our physical fitness and the location of the suit, among other features.

SuperSuit enhances social interaction, encourages physical activity and supports non-violent play in an ironic way.
This portable platform rescues the relevance of outdoor games and the excitement of being in the game.


Working in front of a laptop that is under our horizontal display for a long time is very uncomfortable and can physically impair us. Many of us sit in front of a desk where we put our laptop to work supposedly comfortably, but we do not realize that by concentrating we are stooping more and more.

The pains in the neck and spine and the sensation of tiredness in the eyes are effects caused by the traditional and supposed comfortable way of working in front of a laptop. That is why a gadget has been created to solve these problems and achieve a better performance at work. This device has been called The Tiny Tower due to its form and functionality.


Tiny Tower is an ergonomically ideal portable stand as it avoids the aforementioned pains creating a more natural and comfortable work environment instantly. Protects our posture with its quick and easy adjustable height system that allows us to work comfortably. At the touch of a button you can find 10 different levels of height available.

This gadget folds in less than 10 seconds to a flat and compact unit, is lightweight and sturdy since it is made of aluminum, and is easy to carry. We guarantee stability and safety for our laptops thanks to a special anti-slip polymer made by 3M.


The space occupied by the Tiny Tower is smaller than that of our laptops. It has two fingers that are hidden inside the arms of the gadget which we can use to securely secure your laptop if we are not sure of its anti-slip polymer.

The Tiny Tower is designed to reliably support all laptops in all sizes. In addition, we can use it on any desktop. The parts of this gadget are precision machined and anodized, giving them a superior and durable finish. With Tiny Tower the pains in the neck, shoulder and back are no longer a nuisance.


Every day we carry out activities that we would like to remember in the future as sports maneuvers, achievements, meetings, walks, trips, places, etc. All these moments that excite us and have fun we can remember them through photographs, videos, selfies and also share them with who we want.

The advancement of technology has facilitated the use of many devices to capture and / or record many of the moments and situations of our life. However, these devices can sometimes be useless when we want to capture high quality images, images at several meters in height, etc. Thanks to the great circulation of images on the internet, a small quadricopter called Kudrone was created. This gadget promises to be our best cameraman anytime, anywhere.

Kudrone is the most affordable and powerful intelligent nano-drone in comparison to its predecessors. You can make video recordings at a maximum resolution of 4K and capture images with dimensions of 3280 x 2464 px. It also has GPS navigation, precision sensors and a rechargeable and interchangeable battery. It measures 3.7 inches so it can fit in the palm of your hand, and you can become an expert in less than 5 minutes as it is very easy to control.


Its precision ensures a perfect capture of images, videos, or selfies. It has the ability to rotate 360° for panoramic aerial photos. Thanks to its live streaming technology you can instantly share your creations. Its GPS navigation, intelligent vision sensors, 3-axis gyro accelerometer, magnetic compass and barometer combine to achieve a perfect and stable shot every time.


This vehicle is controlled through a mobile application up to a distance of 30 meters. The application allows you to configure the functionality of Kudrone as you see fit. Among its functions we can configure our nano-drone to follow us automatically through its GPS navigation. In addition, we can synchronize it so that it automatically saves all the images and videos in the camera roll.

Kudrone is a great companion capturing and remembering the adventures of our life.


Can openers, screwdrivers, wrenches and many other tools are very useful for many of us because their functions make it easy to perform small tasks such as removing nuts or bolts, opening cans or plates, etc.

The problem with these tools is that sometimes they do not reach very welcoming places, they can be very hoarding and difficult to take them to our walks, trips, etc. For this reason, a multi-tool device has been created that pretends to be an elegant, adjustable and functional bracelet. This Leatherman creation was called the Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet.

Tread-Multi-Tool-bracelet-negro Tread-Multi-Tool-bracelet-acero









This device is a bracelet made of 17-4 mark steel. Each of the instruments that it owns are monolithic and resistant thanks to that they were created with a method of pressure embossing. It includes 29 functional tools such as a sharp hook, flat and cross screwdrivers, an allen wrench, an accessory to remove SIM cards, bottle openers and boxes among many more.

Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet can reach places where conventional tools are difficult to use. Its method of creation allows the bracelet to be comfortable at all times and its elegant design goes unnoticed if we want to take it anywhere. In addition, it complies with current TSA (Transportation Security Alliance) regulations for hand held items.



Travel has always motivated and inspired us to dream, improve and live our dreams, we have been stimulated to open our minds and think big, and have taught us who we really are and what we hope to achieve. For many of us travel allows us to enjoy and learn more about life as we travel discover and experience new things, we know different ways of thinking and we find ourselves.

Many times we think that the experience of a trip begins after enlisting the annoying luggage thinking about where and how to organize our things in the briefcase to have our devices handy among other things to entertain us on the tour, or when we run out of battery Cell phone or tablet and there is no switch nearby while traveling, etc.

To avoid these annoyances and misconceptions arises a generation of intelligent luggage called Bluesmart which promises to tackle from small uncomfortable problems to major problems with frequent travel. In addition, it guarantees unique experiences with some additional advantages as for the creators of Bluesmart a trip begins long before heading to the airport or the bus terminal. A trip starts the moment you decide to travel.

Bluesmart-view Bluesmart-up

Bluesmart is practically a small suitcase in the form of hand luggage that allows you to charge your devices while you are traveling. It has a powerful battery of 10,000mAh which allows you to charge your phone or your tablet completely up to 6 times. It has a capacity of 34 liters, dimensions of 56cm x 35cm x 23cm and is compatible with the standard of all airlines. It is made with high quality materials and water resistant.

On the back of the case we will find an activation button, a microUSB port and a conventional USB fast-charging port. It has a second USB port inside the outer pocket to charge your phone or tablet while traveling.


Bluesmart can be connected to our cell phone through the free application that we find in play store. The application gives us the possibility of securing the suitcase remotely, measuring the weight of the luggage, the charge of its battery and its location in any part of the world thanks to its 3G connectivity and GPS incorporated with connection without additional cost. In addition, it offers us more detailed options which we can adjust as we see fit.

The pleasure of traveling is greater with a companion like Bluesmart, a generation of intelligent luggage that allows us to enjoy our trips.



The advancement of technology continues to facilitate and solve many of the problems and situations in which time and space play a very important role in our life. Many of us are aware of the benefits we have obtained from the products or services offered by companies in the technological environment, from the working environment to the family and individual environment.

In recent years, the idea of ​​improving image quality in any electronic visual projection device has inspired many companies to create high-end devices that can project images without defining an exact resolution. This is how conventional projectors evolve to create a new generation of smart projectors in the hands of ZTE Corporation.


The company presented at CES a portable multimedia device to project content anywhere and with an Android platform with a 5-inch touch screen. This projector is very elegant and compact, allows the input of video, images and other content wirelessly compared to its predecessors. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 800 processor which is designed to deliver fast, dazzling applications, visually stunning graphics, innovative multimedia capabilities, seamless communications virtually anytime, anywhere, and exceptional battery life for premium-quality smartphones.


It measures 13.5cm tall, 13.2cm wide, 3.1cm deep and weighs just over 500 grams. It has a powerful battery of 6300 mAh, being small enough to take it anywhere and durable enough to enjoy it a good time. In addition, it has HDMI and Miracast connections, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory expandable up to 64GB through a microSD ™ slot. The audio quality is not the best, but to be a portable mini-projector is enough.


ZTE-SPRO2-view ZTE-Spro-2-front

The ZTE SPRO2 allows you to project images from 14 to 120 inches with a resolution of 720p and a brightness of 200 lumens if you are connected to the charger or other device directly, and 100 lumens if you are in its wireless mode. It also allows us to connect 10 devices through 4G LTE networks according to your specifications.


Its 5-inch touch screen is controlled via the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system which has a custom setting creating a more friendly environment and experience. It is also compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS. By owning Andriod allows us to enter Google services and apps from the Play Store.

Among its uses stand out the presentations of slides, projection of videos and console of games. Despite some highly criticized details of the ZTE SPRO2 we hope that the company does not stop improving this gadget since for many of us it turns out to be very useful and even entertaining.


Stress has become a very unpleasant habit for us and its goal is to lead our life to its decline. As we all know, stress is a feeling of physical or emotional stress that comes from any situation or thought that makes us feel frustrated, angry or nervous and can harm our health.

Throughout history, methods have been created that have promised to eradicate the stress of our lives, but only manage to reduce it. In addition, you need to invest a lot of time to achieve it and a good example is yoga. But what would you think if I told you that we can reduce stress while we do stressful activities.


TouchPoints ™ Basic are two non-invasive devices that can be worn on wrists like bracelets, held or attached to clothing. They offer a new way to relieve stress by using the patented neuroscience technology called BLAST (Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation) which transfers alternating vibrations to change the body’s response to fight, flight or freeze to stress and anxiety. It also restores the functioning of the homeostatic nervous system allowing you to think clearly and experience calm.

TouchPoint ™ studies show a 71% reduction in stress in just 30 seconds along with better focus and better sleep. Initially, they were created to relieve stress, but users have reported that there are many conditions that have been improved by TouchPoints ™ Basic. In addition, help with sensory processing disorder has been confirmed by addressing the underlying stress in people with autism.


TouchPoints ™ Basic is safe for people of all ages and is an effective and affordable solution to overcome stress, anxiety, focusing problems, improve performance and sleep. Using TouchPoints ™ Basic for just 5 minutes a day results in improved focus and performance.

So, what would you think if I told you that we can reduce stress while we do stressful activities. The advancement of technology and science have made our lives have a better quality in an easier and faster way. Now that you know it, it is in your hands to improve your life and that of other people.